Donors Make a Difference for Veterans

Rivers of Recovery donors are some of the most passionate people we’ve ever met. Their commitment to our cause is the reason our veteran rehabilitation program is so successful.

Rivers of Recovery participants and donors

Rivers of Recovery veterans, volunteers, donors, and supporters on a recent trip. Special thanks to photographer Casey Breeds for use of this image.

Aileen Smith is one of those people. Her family has strong military ties—her father served in Vietnam, her grandfather was a WWII veteran, her niece recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan, and her oldest son just finished Army basic training last month.

“Veteran issues are near and dear to my heart,” she explained.

An elementary school teacher, Aileen found ways to express her gratitude for our country’s military veterans, like organizing care packages with her students for soldiers stationed overseas.

But large, one-time donations were difficult for Aileen and her family.

“I always say I’ll donate a bunch of money to veterans when I win the lottery,” she joked. “That hasn’t happened yet.”

Rivers of Recovery Recurring Donors

Dan Laffin and Jose Jauregui, Rivers of Recovery

Dan Laffin and Jose Jauregui are two former RoR participants who are working hard to help other vets experience the program. Dan founded our Northeastern chapter, and Jose is our director of guiding operations. Special thanks to photographer Casey Breeds for use of this image.

But Aileen found another way to give—no lottery ticket required—through the Rivers of Recovery’s recurring donation program.

“It’s $25 a month,” she explained. “Less than lunch out with my husband. I don’t even notice it.”

While it feels like a small thing to her, Aileen’s $25/month adds up quickly. In one year, she’ll have contributed $300—enough to pay for meals and fishing equipment for a Rivers of Recovery veteran.

But it’s even more powerful when Aileen’s contribution is added to other recurring donations.

When 100 donors pledge just $25/month, RoR can serve an extra veteran every month. That’s one more vet who’ll have a chance to experience the life-changing experience of an RoR trip.

“It’s a small contribution on its own,” Aileen said. “But now I see how my small effort can make a big difference for a cause I believe in.”

Donors Spread the Word

Aileen does more than just donate to Rivers of Recovery—she encourages others to do the same thing.

Those monthly donations—say $10, $25, $50 a month—may not seem like much on their own. But over time, those donations make a big difference in Rivers of Recovery’s ability to serve our nation’s combat veterans, said Levi Crawford, RoR marketing director.

“It’s about finding small ways to make a large impact for whatever your passionate about,” he explained. “If you sign up and another 99 people sign up, that’s one extra veteran per month we’re helping—a vet we couldn’t help without that support.”

If you’re looking for a small way to make a big difference for veterans, consider a monthly pledge to Rivers of Recovery. Your generous donation helps ensure we are able to offer our program at no cost to participants, plus you’re supporting our efforts to continually improve and expand the national presence of our programs to include more of our nation’s military heroes.

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