Making a Difference in Veteran Recovery and Rehabilitation

Rivers of Recovery began with one man’s vision, but our success reflects the many people who have taken up our cause over the years.

The heart of our organization is the relationships we’ve built on the river banks and nurtured long after the boats dock. It’s not a coincidence that the people who know us best are our biggest supporters.

Past participants are some of our strongest activists, encouraging other vets to join the trips. Some even joined the RoR staff or helped establish trips in their local community.

Still others reached out to donors and volunteers who could help. And those people reached out to even more people who could do the same.

Over the years, we’ve brought all these people together under the mission of RoR—helping us become the organization we are today.

The Early Days

Dan T Cook, Founder of Rivers of Recovery

Dan T. Cook, Founder of Rivers of Recovery

Our creation is the stuff of legends. In 2006, founder Dan T. Cook left his 15-year career in the financial industry to embark on a 27-month, solo, around-the-world odyssey.

This 75,000-mile overland journey attracted media attention and served as a springboard for Rivers of Recovery in 2008.

Dan’s vision was simple, yet powerful.

“I felt it was important to share the art of fly fishing and the great outdoors with veterans to assist with their recovery and rehabilitation,” he explained.

Our Success in Veteran Rehabilitation

Dan’s idea has grown into something more. Today Rivers of Recovery is a leader in veteran rehabilitation.

Over the years, we’ve developed a medically designed curriculum that uses outdoor recreational activities to treat combat veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), minor traumatic brain injury (MTBI), stress, anxiety, and depression.

“What differentiates RoR is we use the outdoors and these outdoor activities that build a sense of confidence and self-empowerment,” Dan said. “It’s the perfect platform that helps to bring in these techniques to help manage and mitigate PTSD, anxiety, and depression.”

Today, each Rivers of Recovery trip hosts six to ten combat veterans. Trip leaders focus on confidence-building; outdoor activities; talk therapy in a relaxed, positive environment; and proven techniques on the self-management of symptoms, stressors, and responses.

The program integrates seamlessly with the sport of fly fishing. Out on the water, our participants learn new skills or practice old ones—which increases self-confidence, builds empowerment, and facilitates enthusiasm and resiliency.

Our success shows in our long lists of former participants and donors.  And as we near a decade of operation, these achievements will help us navigate our future.

Want to help? Click here to find out how you can spread the word, support our mission, and make a difference.

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